Creamy Paleo Spaghetti Squash Casserole

The temperatures are cooling down, which means it is the time of the casserole. This healthy paleo casserole was based off a recipe I saw while browsing recipes online and decided to give this one a shot. If you are in the throws of a Whole 30 challenge, this recipe is comforting and packed with veggies. 

Garlic and Sriracha Glazed Salmon

Just a few of my favorite things - garlic, sriracha and fresh salmon. This fast and easy recipe is perfect for those of you needing a pick me up during your Whole 30 challenge or if you just wanted a healthy recipe to add to your busy week. 

Moroccan Turkey Meatballs

Want a perfectly balanced meal that has savory and spicy elements? This meal is just what you're looking for, inspired from watching one of my favorite tv shows. Make it paleo and eat these slightly spiced Moroccan meatballs over cauliflower rice, or eat it over some steamed white rice and top with greek yogurt. Try it, I promise you will love this recipe!

Homemade Tomato Sauce

With summer time comes a season full of tomatoes at their peak flavor. If you find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes, this recipe is a perfect way to ensure you are using all of your tomatoes. Full of traditional Italian flavors, this slow cooked tomato sauce is great to cook in bulk

Avocado Tuna Salad

Looking for a fast lunch to make in under 5 minutes? This paleo friendly meal is perfect, full of protein and healthy fats from the avocado, this will keep you fueled for hours. Eat by itself, scoop with plantain chips or eat as a salad over your favorite greens. 

Potato and Spinach Scramble

Have I mentioned how much I love breakfast foods? You don't always have to eat breakfast in the morning (breakfast for dinner is great, definitely try it some time) and this scramble is great for any time of the day. Crispy bacon with pan fried potatoes - a perfect way to start off your morning. 

Turkey Taco Bowl

Taco Tuesday turned paleo! Turkey taco meat and sweet potato noodles make a perfect paleo taco bowl. Easy to prepare, this meal is a perfect substitute for a taco Tuesday, and it reheats really well the next day.

Simple Pork Stew

Slow cooked pork with root vegetables, resulting in a simple yet savory stew? Sign me up! Slow cooking makes cooking in bulk easy. Plus, all of the ingredients were under $15 dollars; since this makes multiples servings, so this meal is highly cost efficient if you are trying to do paleo on a budget. 

Chipotle Chicken Stew

I've got a new and easy stew for you to make if you are needing a new meal to add to your meal prep recipes. I love one pot meals, and this stew is great for a paleo lunch or dinner. Full of fresh vegetables, chicken and sweet potato, this stew is guaranteed to keep you full and get you through your day. 

Spicy Meatball and Bok Choy Buddha Bowl

A new week means a brand new Buddha bowl idea! Spicy beef meatballs using zucchini as breadcrumbs (who doesn't love sneaking in extra vegetables) with bok choy, baby broccoli and roasted carrots. Just top it off with a spicy tahini dressing and this is wonderful meal for meal prepping on your Whole 30.

Cajun Cauliflower Rice

A twist for my cauliflower rice lovers out there! This spicy Cajun style cauliflower rice is packed with healthy fiber and a ton of protein. With fresh cooked shrimp and sausage, this meal is great for making ahead and vacusealing for a camping trip, or eating for dinner fresh out of the pan. 

Basic Buddha Bowl

An introduction into the ever popular buddha bowl. A diverse meal that can easily be changed depending on the combo of meat and vegetables. This is a great meal that will keep you full - this basic recipe is a wonderful building block for a clean eating lifestyle.