Cooking early in the morning means I am not always 100% awake looking. But I look happy, right? of course I am happy, I'm cooking!

About Me

Welcome to Meg's Paleo Living! 

If you have come here, you've probably heard about the clean eating movement. Meg's Paleo Living is a blog that's part Whole30, part paleo, part exercise. For me, clean eating and healthy living has been an on-going journey for years. Everyone has different reasons for seeking out clean living; my evolution into clean eating began in 2013 after a family loss woke me up to being aware of what I was eating and how it affects my body. Obesity and heart disease is a struggle for many - I was inspired to eat cleanly, exercise regularly, and try new recipes that would ensure that I live a long and healthy life.

I tried my first Whole 30 in 2015, and never felt better. I am far from perfect, but I strive to inspire those around me to open up to the idea that clean eating can be fun and delicious.  This blog isn't just about the successful recipes I try - the fun part for me is finding out a recipe doesn't work, and how I can improve it for next time.

Since I started this journey, exercise has become important to me in a way it never was growing up. As an adult, exercise has become an outlet for mental and physical health. Healthy living is about a balance, and finding this balance become important to me as I continue on my clean living journey. 

I like to go camping. And hiking. As often as I can with as many of my close friends that love to adventure out into the wilderness and sleep under the stars. Nature is my favorite gym

I hope this blog allows you, my reader, to see how healthy living can be a fun experiment. Everyone has different lifestyles and budgets, and I firmly believe that what you put into life is what you get out of it. Clean eating does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to take you hours to make something delicious that is also really good for you. 

Welcome to my clean living journey.