Broccoli and Bacon Egg Bites

Broccoli and Bacon Egg Bites

Occasionally I will cook breakfast for some of coworkers, and this by far is the most popular version of my egg bites that I have made. The salty bacon mixed with the broccoli makes for a highly satisfying, protein-filled breakfast. Eating vegetables with fiber in combination with the protein in the eggs means I typically feel fuller longer in the mornings. I really do try to sneak in vegetables into every meal if I can, and what better way than to start off your day with grab and go egg bites? Plus, bacon makes everything taste better.

Makes 12 egg bites

7 - 9 medium eggs, scrambled (this can change depending on the size of the eggs)

2-3 cloves of garlic, finely diced

1 head of broccoli, stem, cut off and florets chopped into bite sized chunks

3-4 slices of bacon, chopped into little bits

salt and pepper to taste

Muffin pan, well sprayed with cooking spray

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. While it's heating up, crack and scramble your eggs, adding salt and pepper to your desired taste. Set aside and have them ready to go. In your muffin pan, place the muffin cups into the pan and spray generously with cooking spray.

Nothing smells better than cooking bacon. MMMM

Place your bacon into a cast iron skillet (or a non-stick pan if you do not have a cast iron skillet) and turn the heat on to medium. Cook your bacon until your desired texture, about 7-9 minutes. I prefer to have my bacon fully cooked and crunchy since I am throwing it into the eggs, which will soften the bacon. Remove your bacon and set on a paper towel to drain. Leave the bacon fat in the pan, you will cook your broccoli florets in the rendered bacon fat.

MEG'S TIP: don't let the bacon fat get too hot, or you'll end up wearing it or get some on your wrist....not that I did that when I made these...okay, I totally did.

Go ahead and toss in your chopped broccoli and increase the heat to medium-high heat.  Once it is almost done, toss in the garlic, salt and pepper. You do not want to burn the garlic, hence throwing it in at the end of the broccoli cooking stage. Cook until it is just about charred, about 10 minutes. Once it is done, divide up the broccoli into the 12 muffin cups; top each muffin with the cooked bacon. Divide up the egg mixture into the muffin cups, almost to the top but not overflowing.

Bake for 15 minutes in the oven, turn the pan around and cook for another 5-7 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool, then enjoy!


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