Guest Post - Ahi Poke Stack

Guest Post - Ahi Poke Stack

For those of you who are not familiar with my counterpart, I would like to introduce you to my awesome, globe trotting twin sister, who is currently in the Caribbean for medical school. Here is her first post, bringing her world of tropical clean eating to you - Meg

Eating seasonal is one of my favorite, and most frustrating, things about living in the Caribbean. Fruits and vegetables are freshly picked, organic, and local; however, when they are out of season, they are not available on the island (unless shipped in from America, and I don't believe in buying imported produce when the local selection is so incredible). From a medical student perspective, the value of eating organic and seasonal has many benefits: my foods contain less potential toxins from pesticides, and are packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients to get me through my busy schedule. Plus, local and fresh means more flavorful! 

This time of year (August), mangoes and avocados are everywhere I look on the island. I'm OBSESSED with them! They even grow outside the building where I live at school. Thus, I try to eat them before they're gone! 

I recently discovered my favorite local market carries locally sourced sushi grade tuna... so I thought, what would be a delicious way to put three of my favorite ingredients together? You guessed it... inspired by sushi restaurants, my own version of a tuna (ahi) poke stack!! Here's how I did it...


1/3 to 1/2 lb sushi grade tuna

2-3 green onions

2 tbsp sesame oil

3 tbsp soy sauce

red pepper flakes to taste

black sesame seeds (or whatever you have available)

1/2 avocado

mango salsa (see recipe below)

1/2 cup rice (or enough to fill bottom of stack)

lettuce or cabbage - 1/2 cup chopped


1 small/medium mango - be careful it isn't too ripe or it'll be mush

1/2 onion (white or red ok)

1/2 jalapeno

lime juice

dash of salt for flavor (optional)

How to cut a mango - mangoes have a huge pit in the middle which is extremely difficult to cut through, so you must go down the sides. Be sure to wash it first, and cut vertically down, taking off as thick of a chunk as possible. Then score the fruit into squares, and cut off into the bowl. 

Dice the onion and jalapeno, mixing them together in a bowl with lime juice and salt to flavor. Set aside to let the flavors blend. You could also add cilantro if you like the flavor; it's hard to find this time of year, so I left it out today. 

Now it is time to chop the tuna into small cubes. Dice green onion and mix with the tuna in a bowl with sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes for heat (if desired). Cover bowl with saran wrap and chill in fridge for 15-20 minutes. 

Using a deep bowl (I have a soup bowl), carefully wrap saran wrap on the inside. Layer your ingredients in whatever order you desire! I typically do:

avocado --> tuna --> mango salsa (or lettuce/cabbage) --> rice

Press down the ingredients so that the stack forms a fairly solid unit. Place plate over bowl, and CAREFULLY flip the whole unit. Then lift the bowl off, leaving the stack covered in saran wrap. Pull off saran wrap when ready to serve!

TWIN TIP: You can skip the rice if you want to go low carb. I ate this two nights in a row, the first night I used freshly fried plantain chips instead of rice. Plantains are available year-round in Grenada, so they're my go-to side dish for many meals. 

TWIN TIP 2: Don't have time or patience to make it a stack? Make it a salad instead!!


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