All in Breakfast

Day 21 - Blueberry Chia Pudding

Want to hit that sweet craving down and manage to stick to clean eating? I have a great recipe that I tried making for the first time this round of Whole 30, and now I am hooked. This pudding is filled with blueberries, almond butter, nut milk and delicious chia seeds. This breakfast (or dessert if you’re feeling like you want a sweet treat) is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Keep your heart healthy and you stomach satisfied with this fantastic recipe.

Day 17 - Sweet Potato Hash and Chicken Sausage Breakfast Bowl

I decided that this week I wanted breakfast to be a larger meal than lunch (did the old switcheroo on my regular eating timeline) so that I could focus at work and then eat something light in the afternoon. I wanted a hearty breakfast that would keep me full for most of the work day, so this healthy carb and protein breakfast was my solution.

Rainbow Breakfast Hash

With springtime quickly approaching, I thought I would start off this week with a veggie loaded breakfast inspired from a brunch with friends. With a variety of fresh vegetables, this veggie hash is great for breakfast or for a side dish for any meal. Easy and fast, this is one of my new favorite meal prep recipes. 

Low Carb "Hash Browns"

When it comes to brunch, hash browns are life. But if you are living a low carb life, finding a tasty option can be really difficult. I have great news though - I tested out a great and easy low carb recipe that is a great solution to your hash brown woes

Potato and Spinach Scramble

Have I mentioned how much I love breakfast foods? You don't always have to eat breakfast in the morning (breakfast for dinner is great, definitely try it some time) and this scramble is great for any time of the day. Crispy bacon with pan fried potatoes - a perfect way to start off your morning. 

Sweet Potato Toast - Breakfast Style

A new twist on a paleo lovers breakfast - sweet potato toast! This is a new way to cook sweet potatoes for me and it was surprisingly easy to make. Get out your toaster and your favorite breakfast sandwich toppings, and you've got a great meal to keep you fueled all day long. 

Cauliflower Pancakes

Looking for a new way to use your cauliflower rice? I have the perfect solution for you - Whole 30 approved cauliflower pancakes! These fluffy little pancakes are a perfect way to get extra vegetables into your day.

Veggie Scramble Egg Bake

Have a bunch of veggies that need to cooked, or a left over from last nights dinner? I've got the answer - throw it all into an egg bake! Load up on your veggies first thing in the morning and get some basic protein. It's a win-win recipe for those on Whole 30, or someone wanting to sneak extra vegetables into your day.

Breakfast Salad with Aspargus

Ever heard of having salad for breakfast? The first time I had one I was at a cafe in Seattle and it was a pleasant surprise. Adding vegetables to your breakfast gets you going fueled for a busy weekend, so why not eat some salad, poached eggs and bacon? 

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Crispy sweet potato has browns are one of the best things I have made throughout my clean eating journey. Perfect for a weekend breakfast, these are so good you'll want to eat them all week long