All in Clean Living: Non-Cooking

Saguaro National Forest

The desert has a lot to offer, a lesson I am learning everyday as I continue my new life in Arizona. When a trip with my sister took us south to Tucson, I experienced more wonders the Arizona landscape has to offer. On the day that this Whole 30 round ends, I wanted to offer a little bit of introspection in to my mindset. Come on in and take a moment to appreciate things both small and great around you.

Day 27 - Meal Prep Bonanza

Heading to the finish line for 2019’s first Whole 30 challenge and my meal prep game is going strong. Come on in to see how you can go in to a busy work with a game plan to make sure you don’t give in to high sugar foods. Changing my routine will be my saving grace for busy times at work.

Day 9 - Survival Tips for Week 2 of Whole 30

Congratulations everyone, you have officially made it past your first week of clean eating and a system reset via the Whole 30 program! Come on in to see how the last week has gone for me and more tips for getting through the next week. You’re almost one third of the way through the program, and I know I sure am proud of you for making it this far.

Salt and Your Bones

New guest post courtesy of my sister! This is an important post, especially for those of you that are educating yourself about the dangers of processed foods. Come in and learn a little bit about the hidden dangers of salt and the American diet from the perspective of a medical student

Many of you may find that your Whole 30 falls on one of the unhealthiest snack food days around - Super Bowl Sunday. This year, you can host your own party with Whole 30 and paleo approved foods courtesy of Meg's recipes. Host a party yourself or bring one of these with you to a party you're attending.