All in Slow Cooker Meals

Day 19 - Chipotle Beef Short Ribs

In the heart of a cold winter (okay, really how cold is it here in Arizona compared to the rest of the country, but you catch my drift) coming home a slow cooked meal is really one of the most satisfying feelings. The smokey and spicy sauce paired with the tender beef short ribs is a match made in heaven. This will be a meal that is my regular rotation from here on out, and I bet it will be one of your favorites too.

Simple Chicken Verde

A recipe with a handful of ingredients that you just toss in to your slow cooker? My favorite kind of meal. This week I wanted to have something easy that I could make for dinner, and that would be delicious enough to eat multiple times throughout the week. Chicken thighs in a slow cooker always means something magical is about to happen.

Creamy Vegetable Korma

Indian spices, loads of veggies and little effort? Sign me up! This slow cooked vegetable korma is less liquidy than your traditional curry recipe, but it is delicious and packed with nutrients. Perfect for a meat-free meal that warms you up from the inside. 

Homemade Tomato Sauce

With summer time comes a season full of tomatoes at their peak flavor. If you find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes, this recipe is a perfect way to ensure you are using all of your tomatoes. Full of traditional Italian flavors, this slow cooked tomato sauce is great to cook in bulk

Simple Pork Stew

Slow cooked pork with root vegetables, resulting in a simple yet savory stew? Sign me up! Slow cooking makes cooking in bulk easy. Plus, all of the ingredients were under $15 dollars; since this makes multiples servings, so this meal is highly cost efficient if you are trying to do paleo on a budget. 

Chipotle Carnitas

Slow cooked carnitas with a spicy chipotle twist? YES PLEASE. This meal was easy and great left over for lunches for the week. All you need is a slow cooker and a little patience, and you end up with a great slow cooked pork dish that is 100% Whole 30

Turkey Bolognese

Slow cooked turkey bolognese - a pasta lovers dream. Italian comfort that also happens to be Whole 30 compliant - perfect for when you want a good sauce meal without breaking your clean eating. 

Lemon Turmeric Chicken

Looking for a slow cooked meal that is spicy and a little tangy? This lemon turmeric chicken is perfect - full of fresh lemon juice and a hint of spice, this meal is like a curry in its texture and packed with protein. Slow cooked chicken that is falling apart, this paleo meal is perfect over some cauliflower rice or a bed of cabbage

Sage Chicken Curry

A creamy curry filled fresh sage, perfect for a winter evening. Full of herbs, this is a great slow cooker recipes if you are looking to dabble in curry making, but are short on having all of the Indian or Thai spices. Think of this as more of an Italian inspired creamy chicken dish.